Wot Box Participation "Adults of tomorrow recognising there is no BOX"

Wot Box Participation "Adults of tomorrow recognising there is no BOX"
Helping the adults of tomorrow to recognise there is no BOX

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

WOT a fantastic idea ...... Somewhereto_

When I was a little girl I was fanatical about Gymnastics and Trampolining  I loved them, I suppose you would say they were some one of the things I loved. I was lucky enough to be able to participate in the things I loved doing, unlike so many of the young people in society today. But there is a new initiative, which I have just become a Regional Coordinator for.

somewhereto_ is, in my mind such a simple concept and at the same time a inspirational idea. Unlocking spaces for young people to do whatever they love for free, yes FREE!
somewhereto_ is a nationwide initiative to work with young people and space holders to unlock and match activities and projects together. Funded by the Legacy Trust and National Lottery, the project is supported by Channel 4 Education. It aims to support young people across the UK to unlock and use space to ignite their passions and creative flair.
I have been having a fantastic time since August when I started in my new role, and let me just say WOT a blast it has been! Over the last 3 months we have supported over 60 young people access space to have Somewhereto_ perform, sing, debate, hold a one year to go to the Paralympics event, promote my artwork, write in a newspaper, hold a gaming tournament and even hold a spooky sleepover in the Central Library.
Unlocking space has been great, and the range of spaces young people want and need can vary, from empty space to meeting rooms, car parks to cinema screens, shop windows to online space.
           WOT SPACES have been unlocked you may ask yourself, well we have a great variety on the website, 
           which is quick and easy to use http://www.somewhereto.com/regions/east-midlands

WOT fantastic examples of talented and creative young people there are already over the Internet. A couple of weeks ago saw young people takeover Number 10 Downing Street, yes the most famous door in Britain and just take a look at what they were able to do. . 
In the East Midlands we have already seen Hollie and her somewhereto_ hold a 1 year to go to the Paralympics event, where she was able to bring together families, young people and Paralympian Kenny Churchill to raise awareness and understanding of the Paralympics.
Martin Luke Brown wanted somewhereto_ perform on a main stage. He was matched to a space on the main stage at Oxjam Leicester last wekend and performed at additional venues throughout the event
Belinda wanted somewhereto_ to hold an event to bring young people together to learn about different cultures. She was matched to Phoenix Square and was able to hold a "Speed Cultures" event.
That's just to mention a few. somewhereto_ projects in the pipeline include faith buildings, the Town Hall, an Animation Festival, and a Next Wave music platform for young people on the 1st Saturday of every month.
If you have a space that could be used by young people to do the things they love, or if you’re a young person needing a space to make your passion a reality then get in touch! My details are at the bottom of the post.
That's all for now, but before i go just check this out. . . somehwereto_ have a spooky sleepover. . . Will Hough arranged for Leicester Children's Council to spend the night at the Central Library Leicester on October 29th and this is what they got up to. . . 

          Check out more images at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/citizenseye/sets/72157627421749542/

          I'm still tired!

          Mobile 07521289520   Email: tina@wotboxcons.co.uk or tina@somewhereto.com   Twitter: @tinawotbox 

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