Wot Box Participation "Adults of tomorrow recognising there is no BOX"

Wot Box Participation "Adults of tomorrow recognising there is no BOX"
Helping the adults of tomorrow to recognise there is no BOX

Thursday, 16 September 2010

At Wot Box we believe…

...we believe in nurturing effective participation from the fresh organic ideas and creativity from children and young people,   using their natural willingness for “wanting to get involved and be heard”
…we believe in working with children, young people and adults that support and encourage participation to the highest levels

…we create and tailor our own work to ensure it’s fresh and contains no barriers to participation
…we believe in happy children and young people and this only happens when people listen to them
…we believe in joint decision making, sharing ideas and working together creatively to ensure the best possible outcomes for children and young people
…we also believe that the words “Participation” and “Involvement” have an honest meaning beyond “Saying” alone!
By Demi 14 years
For further details please contact Tina Barton at Wot Box Consultants:
The Community Media Hub, Learning & Information Library, Bishop Street, Leicester LE1 6AA
Tel: 0116 299 5413

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  1. Fantastic! I admire you all and your passion for the work you do and your ethos. Wishing you lots of luck in your continued ventures. I wish we had this when I was your age :) Raj xx